Founded in 2018 by Elena Lixandru, the label was born from a desire to offer high quality, responsibly produced, street style pieces that accompany us on our adventures around the world and in our everyday lives.

Miss Carpatica aims to be more than a fashion brand. European at heart, but with the world on her mind, she sets out on her mission to find her global “good vibe” tribe of restless world citizens. She uses fashion as a channel for learning about, and discussing, ethical fashion and why it is not just a trend but an inevitable revolution.


Miss Carpatica is a personality, the face of our community, and our patron. You will find her in our designs. The determination in her gaze, that forward-thinking attitude which shines through her, and the strength she embodies, all make her seem so much like one of us. It is all that which we carry with us today, helping us to bring sustainable fashion to the world. She is the inspiration behind our community, brand, and its face.


Bucharest Floreasca Plaza 

Bucharest, 077190 


© Miss Carpatica 2019 A brand of TRAVEL-LEARN-CREATE SRL

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